The Colostrum Bundle

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The Colostrum Collection includes colostrum care for the whole family (or just for you!).  Packaged in our reusable Nurst Market Bag, our face moisturizer (Colostrum Daily Moisturizer), full body repair cream (Rapid Repair Cream), and our Tallow + Colostrum Soap Bar, will leave you feeling hydrated, calm, and prepared for any skin concern that may pop up! $123 Value

Kit includes:

  • 3oz Colostrum Daily Moisturizer
  • 3.4oz Rapid Repair Cream
  • 4.5oz Tallow + Colostrum Soap Bar
  • Nurst Market Bag

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Colostrum is the ‘first milk’ a mother
provides her young at birth, and is so packed with nutrients that it’s coined the nickname “liquid gold.” “Colostrum is often on my mind since I’m around cows all day and have seen the miracle that colostrum provides for the calf’s health. I believed colostrum would have the qualities needed to also heal my niece’s eczema.”-Austin Allred

Our products are pthalate and parben free!

We only use the excess colostrum after our calves get their share, and there's plenty to go around!

Nurst is good for us, and good for them!

It's time we prioritize sustainable, ethically sourced, cruelty free, clean beauty!

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Young calf with a yellow tag on its right ear