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Close up of red apple on tree


Our orchards are family run and vital to our regenerative practices.

Royal Family Farming Orchards

Tens of thousands of tons of apples and thousands of tons of cherries work their way through our farm every season, but our season isn't just summer. In December, January and February, we invest our time in the orchard by prepping equipment, evaluating our crop, and incorporating compost into the ground.

March and April in the orchards mean tree thinning. We harness all of the energy our trees have towards producing delicious fruit by clipping away branches that have grown and require extra energy.

Come July and August, our cherries are in full production and the cherry picking season has commenced and apples will come towards the end of the month. The fall is a beautiful time of the year for us because we begin to see the fruits of our labor and enjoy all of it with our community.

September through November we are coming off the end of peak season and in comes the clean up crew. Orchards that get removed are sent through the chipper and up-cycled into the worm beds to filter our water so that it can be redistributed.

As you read, some seasons are busier than others, but we do labor through the year in our orchards and our attention and care for them is how we are maintain successful yields. It's a privilege to see the fruits of our labor and provide for our community and beyond.

A Family Business...

Jerry and Chriss' oldest son Derek, has spent much of his life dedicated to the education and success of our apple and cherry orchards. Derek, his wife Carly and their eight children are pictured here in one of our apple orchards.

Derek Allred and Family in a apple orchard
Sun flare between two trees that are filled with apples

How do you like them apples?

Washington's Columbia Basin's fertile soils and abundance of water provide the perfect climate for apples and cherries. In fact, the Washington is the top producer of Apples and sweet cherries for the United States, growing ten to twelve billion apples each year!!

Cluster of red Bing cherries on limb of tree
Hard workers on ladders picking cherries out of trees
Orange and red ripe rainier cherries on limb of tree