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The perfect steak begins years before the grill.

A Continuum of Healthy Practices

Farm to dairy to orchards to Fields to Ranch


Hybrid steers bred for flavor consistency


Daily births and processing 52 weeks/year


High-touch animal care and nutrition

Royal Ranch cattle are born and nurtured on fertile land under a modest climate. 90% of their feed is grown directly on the farm and ranch. They are fed a richly diverse diet optimized for their specific hybrid biology and throughout their life cycle, stressors are almost non-existent. Our cattle grow hormone-free with zero antibiotics.


Royal Ranch is a natural partner with the Dairy, but not all cows are the same and in turn, not all cows are raised in the same methods. Our beef cattle spend most days grazing, but we have combined that grazing with a nutritionist led diet. Our cows play a key role in our sustainable cycle by consuming local crops and vegetation that would otherwise go to waste.

Ruminants are magnificent animals and we take pride in caring for them! We provide our ruminants optimal comfort and nourishment because we believe that happy cows are healthy and productive cows.

Carbon neutral regenerative ranching, ethically sourced.

Our beef has no artificial hormones or unnecessary antibiotics and by living in a low-stress, harmonious environment, they are able to build healthy distinct marbling for a flavor that supersedes anything you’ll find at your local grocer.

Not ten miles from Royal Family Farm sits what is now known as Royal Pack, a processing plant where our family is able to package beef locally which maintains comfort to our cattle all the while, minimizing our carbon footprint and preserving fresh, delicious beef.