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Nurst is the brainchild of Austin Allred and is the result of creative thinking when his niece Gracie suffered from eczema as a child. Austin has always believed nature has the ability to sustain us, and having been around cows for most of his life, he was no stranger to the benefits of milk and the more miraculous benefits of colostrum.

Colostrum is the ‘first milk’ a mother provides her young at birth, and is so packed with nutrients that it’s coined the nickname “liquid gold.”

“Colostrum is often on my mind since I’m around cows all day and have seen the miracle that colostrum provides for the calf’s health. I believed colostrum would have the qualities needed to also heal my niece’s eczema.”-Austin Allred

But what about the calves?

Don’t they need the colostrum? YES! Colostrum is vital to a young calf’s healthy development and provides amazing immune boosting properties but our amazing Dairy Cows produce enough to go around and utilizing the colostrum has been another facet of our efforts to sustainability and a closed loop system.

Picture of a womans hand holding a package of nurst colostrum skincare with cows in the background

After partnering with a lab Nurst’s first product, the Colostrum Rapid Repair Cream was born (and Gracie’s eczema got under control!). Since then, many people have enjoyed the benefits Nurst can offer, from nourishing dry sensitive skin to helping with acne and reducing theappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Picture of the Nurst colostrum moisturizer on a bed of dried hay

The name “Nurst” honors the momma cows and alludes to the deep nourishment colostrum provides.

Nourish + Nurse = Nurst

We believe in skincare that makes a difference not only to your skin, but to our local communities and the environment.

Locally and ethically sourced skincare that renews your skin while renewing the environment. We take the confusion out of skincare by
using simple, nature-made ingredients from our farm to keep your skin nourished and healthy. All while supporting our greater mission of driving environmental change through our regenerative farming practices. Through Nurst we are simplifying skincare routines with a product that is effective and safe for the whole family.

Woman using Colostrum Daily Hydrating Cream in White Bottle and squeezing it into hand

Packaged in sustainable plastics like sugar cane and post-consumer recycled ingredients. Shipments sent with only compostable material. Any necessary printing is done on seed paper you can plant to create flower beds!