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Picture of the upper half of the Royal Dairy building with signage in red

"Someday, I hope to pass my dairy onto my kids, and watch them farm even better than I am today. After all, this farm is my family’s home.” - Austin Allred

Royal Dairy

Our ruminants include cattle for dairy production and livestock. Built right in to the definition of ruminant is details about these animals’ unique digestive system which is a marvelous process of regurgitation. Sounds kinda gross (we get it!) but this process is natures sustainability! Cows are amazing creatures, and at Royal Family Farms we have focused on happy cows that do good for us! Our dairy cows spend most of their time in barns and on the dairy in the open lots and their dry beds are catered to daily. Beef cows spend most of their time on pasture, doing what they love--grazing. Both of these ruminants have customized diets that have been planned by a certified nutritionist.

Royal Dairy is a proud member of the Northwest Dairy Association (NDA), a cooperative with nearly 500 dairy farm members in four Northwestern states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana).
Member farms of NDA are independently owned and independently managed by their

Northwest Dairy Association
Long view of cows in a temporary shaded feeding lot

Headquartered in Seattle, Darigold, is the marketing and processing subsidiary of NDA. Darigold produces a full line of dairy-based products for retail, foodservice,
commodity and specialty markets, and is one of the largest U.S. dairy
processors. Darigold, inc. operates processing plants throughout the Northwest, processing high-quality milk produced by its dairy farm families.

Royal Family Farms is
responsible for 6,000 head of Jersey and Holstein cows. To provide for these ruminants, we have employed trustworthy staff who we know takes their stewardship seriously and provides optimal care. Respect is given to all of the creatures that we govern and we have always prioritized their safety and comfort. We are proud of the attention we take to insure animal health and continually seek to learn how to raise our bar even higher than the extraordinary standard we have already set for ourselves. If you are interested
in learning more about our farm, we would love to hear from you!

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Austin walking through barn while cows are eating