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No drop wasted.


Tallow is a product of rendered suet and now that we have started incorporating it into our daily routines, we don’t know what took us so long!

Our pledge to sustainability has inspired us to utilize every resource we can, to provide our customers with products that are responsibly sourced and are simple to incorporate into any lifestyle. As tallow is a fat, it can be used much like oil or butter to incorporate into your cooking and baking. Tallow can also be a key ingredient in soap, a helpful salve or balm for dry or cracked skin, and even a great conditioning agent for your leather goods!

Our Royal Tallow products are coming soon! We can't wait for you to try it and guarantee your satisfaction with our product or it's on us.

There are many ways to reap the benefits of tallow. Cooking with tallow is Royal Family Farming person favorite. You can use tallow to cook with fries or make tallow fries. Another way we enjoy using, is tallow on the skin. There are many benefits of tallow on the skin because of it's rich vitamin content.