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About Royal Family Farms

 Royal Family Farms began in 1962 after Wells Allred received his PHD in economics from Cornell University. He and his wife Loriol made the decision to redirect his career path and move their family to Washington State to begin a life dedicated to cultivating the land. Initially the farm consisted of row crops; beans, alfalfa and beets. Over the course of many years and through long labor filled days, the farm became a successful business and provided the community that Well’s and Loriol were proud to raise their family in.

Wells and Loriol raised their children by their side laboring in the fields which instilled great work ethic in their character and has led the work to continue on over fifty years later. The majority of Wells and Loriol’s posterity still live in the basin, and those who continue to farm govern thousands of acres and produce tons of potatoes, apples, cherries, peas, sweet corn, asparagus, alfalfa, wheat, triticale, honey, prime beef and dairy goods each year.

Wells and Loriol’s son Jerry Allred married his long-time love, Chriss Niessner, who was also raised in Royal City and had similar values that came with her upbringing on a farm. Initially Jerry went to college in pursuit of a career as a physical therapist. Much like his father and mother before him, a few years into their marriage, Jerry and Chriss returned to Royal and leased a small parcel of land to farm. This decision led to a life-long heritage in Royal, and a home built upon the sweat of their brow.

Their efforts further embedded the legacy of Allred family farming in the community and from the years 1977 to 1990 they were blessed with eight children: Derek, Erin, Ashlee, Andrea, Kara, Shaina, Tyson and Austin. Their children have continued their legacy through consistent values of family and hard work. Jerry and Chriss are now the proud grandparents of thirty-five grandchildren.

Their family has spent decades practicing reliance upon one another and devotion to what has become so much more than a career and can only be labeled as a way of life. Piece by piece, Jerry and Chriss acquired eight hundred acres, farming a variety of crops. In 2009 Jerry diversified into dairy farming by partnering with his trusted friend and farmer, Nelson Faria and they developed what is now known as Royal Dairy.

Today their children have turned their upbringing and education into successful agricultural careers and take part in fostering success in one another’s branch of farming. Derek has dedicated the majority of his time to managing orchards and Tyson’s focus has been ground crops, both of which funnel into consumable goods for the cattle Austin takes responsibility for. Together they have pioneered
regenerative farming at a scale that has never been seen before.

Utilizing their crops to create milk, meat and manure, they have been able to create a close looped system within their family farms which not only makes a more efficient business but also promotes a healthier environment. It has always been Royal Family Farms’ goal to produce food sustainably for their community and in doing so, they continue the legacy that Wells and Loriol started many years ago.

Austin cherishes the opportunity he had to be raised on a farm. His parents taught him life and business lessons along the way that exist in the way he fathers his own children.

"Personally when I think about preserving the land, I think of my children. I go to bed every night knowing that I did what I could to look after our small corner of the planet for the next generation. Someday, I hope to pass on the dairy and ranch to my kids and watch them farm even better than we are today. After all this is more than a farm, this is my family's home."

Austin and Camille were married in 2012 and after completing his Bachelors in Business Management, they moved to Royal City and purchased Royal Dairy in 2015. Together they have five children, Porter, Adeline, Wells, Banks and Ames. Austin has focused his energy on revolutionizing the way his family farms by implementing regenerative farming through utilizing a close looped system. His implementation of vermaculture and the use of a biofilter minimizes waste and promotes biodiversity. He has also acquired Royal Pack, which allows beef to be processed locally and minimizes their carbon footprint. Energy-efficient farming has been a driving force behind many of their modern day advancements on the farm. Austin has a passion for educating the general public concerning the process in which the farm and Dairy work together to create sustainable farming and he hopes his efforts create a model that will extend into his fellow farmers’ practices.

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